August 17, 2014

Review of "Top Ten" 2D Animation Software

I stumbled across this review of apparently what are the best top ten 2D animation software packages out there in 2014. I'm surprised that Flash isn't on there considering it's popularity and ease of use. I'm pretty darn happy using Toonboom Animate since it's drawing tools are pretty good and it was made strictly for animation. I've personally found Digicel Flipbook to be a really useful program for pencil testing animation done on paper. This is ultra cheap and easy to do with a webcam taped to an adjustable arm light. I'd love to know; which 2D animation software packages have you used? Which are your favourites and why?

I was a little bummed when the Indigogo campaign for Animation Paper, the sucessor to Plastic Animation Paper didn't raise it's funds in time. Though Niels Krogh Mortensen says he still wants to see Animation Paper get made which is fantastic. I'm looking forward to that one.

Has anyone tried Pencil? It's free, open-source and available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Though not software for animation persay, Toonboom Storyboard looks pretty amazing. I can see how that one would be wildly helpful in producing storyboards.

Of course, there are a number of online stores where you can buy animation paper, animation punches, pegs and all the supplies you would need to get started with some hand drawn animation. I've personally done my shopping at Lightfoot Ltd., but other stores include CartoonSupplies.comCartoon Colour Company and Chroma Colour (based in the UK).

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