March 25, 2018

Progress on Poster Painting

Here's the progress I made this week! I'm wondering how much further I should go... if I should add some light? I keep pulling back and trying to keep it simple.

March 18, 2018

Adding Colour

I had some fun making this rough colour study of my short film poster on top of the updated line art. I wasn't too happy with my last line pass so redrew the whole thing. Her skin looks just a bit too cadaverous doesn't it? I mean, she is dead, but only recently so. I will fix up all my colour choices. As well, I think the blood dripping off the knife currently looks like the knife is floating in the air, so I'm going to adjust it a bit to make it look like everything is lying on the floor.
I will probably go with a "cartoony" sort of shading, or at least something that isn't too fancy.

March 12, 2018

Film Poster Work in Progress

I've had a concept in mind for a film poster for Pickled for a long long time and am finally working on it. I need more art for my social media platforms and I want to start promoting Pickled more soon. I'd also really love to get my official Pickled website and my company websites up. (Those are and respectively.) I've been listening to an amazing podcast recently called "Being Boss" by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson. One of the things they discuss is how consistency is really important for any brand and I totally agree. I'd like to get my poster done and maybe a few more pieces that can grace the front pages of my Facebook, Instagram and all the place I share Pickled online.

Here are some of my rough concepts for the Pickled poster:

My first colour concept test.

This second version is more simple shapes. I really love boiling down an image to it's essence.

My first attempt at painting this poster. I'm going to repaint it however as I feel the drawing needs some work and the painting really needs some work.

This is the first little scribble I did to get my idea on paper.

September 17, 2017

Scene 10 - Progress Update

I've been polishing up this shot for a little while and was happy enough with it to put it on a demo reel. It's not %100 done yet but it's almost there! Although then I need to decide on clean up and colour...

June 30, 2015

Scene Planning

Often times, especially for a technically complicated shot, I start planning a scene like this:

June 23, 2015

Wow. Go baby naps. I got painting done!

I can hardly believe how quickly I made progress on these backgrounds. The babeh has had a few good naps and I got some work done!

June 19, 2015

4 backgrounds Left to Paint!

A long time ago I took a break from painting backgrounds since I basically felt like my entire life was painting backgrounds. I've got 4 bgs left to finish up now. I think that using Corel Painter really slowed me down... It's such a laggy program! But I love the brushes and so dealt with the extreme lag. (There are a few awful things about the layers window in Painter as well that make organising files tough.) Here is a screen capture of the 4 leftover bgs in Bridge:
Seeing the 4 of them at once is motivational. I like being able to see the big picture when I can, it helps.