January 20, 2009

Group Brainstorming

At work there's been a lot of brainstorming going on, trying to bang out lots of ideas for some interstitials. I am sooo excited to work on them! There are a bunch of ideas that we've got and now we're just brainstorming to make them better. When I go home and work on a project there's not really anyone there to brainstorm with... I could bounce ideas off of a friend but that's about it... I don't really have any writing buddies... I can remember my first big group film project in college, with KT, Jennie and Jen we came up with The Milkman. It didn't get to the animation stage but I learned a lot about writing and working with a team on that one. I enjoy any opportunity to work on an inspiring group project... If your fellow people can all work co-operatively, you can get a fantastic result. Really listening to others ideas and being able to drop 'less good' ideas is good. Plus bouncing all those ideas off of others can get more ideas out which spark more ideas...

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