December 11, 2012

Birdie Rig Complete

Weee! I finished the Rig of Birdie in Toonboom Animate! This was the first rig I've ever build in Toonboom. I made some mistakes along the way and had to backtrack a couple of times but at least now I understand the whole process.
Next task; do some animation in Toonboom and get back to some hand drawn stuff as well. I'll have to experiment with hand drawn on paper vs. hand drawn in Toonboom. Oh the possibilities. Oh yeah and at some point I'll have to paint more backgrounds...


  1. Is your network an intimidating jungle of wires and pegs? :D

  2. I have toonboom animate and not pro so I don't get to look at a mass of wires and pegs! In fact, what is up with pegs anyway? They confuse me so. I think I'll figure out more stuff once I start animating.


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