November 3, 2013

Personal Update; Halloween, business cards, my website

Hello! I've been working away on my Maya climb animation sequence as of late. CTN Expo is coming up real soon, in 13 days I'll be in Burbank ready to hand out business cards to everyone I meet there! That is something I really want; to meet as many people as I possibly can. I'm looking forward to meeting artists and my animation heroes. This is the first year I've had the guts to get to CTN Expo and I want to make the most of it. I know it's kind of silly to say something like that. An artist shouldn't stop themselves from getting out there, but my animation path has been a journey and I finally feel ready to make this move. I hope I can make it out to CTNx many more times in the future!

I had a good Halloween this year. I wore my half black, half white outfit that I made that was inspired by a hairstyle I used to have which was inspired by Porcelain Black to work on and to my company's Halloween party. The next day was actually Halloween and I wore something else and got to spend the evening at the Academy of Science until I needed to go home to loosen my corset.

I'm actually pretty excited for my life to change a bit when CTNx is over. I've been working too much and a break is in order. I want to get back to exercising and make more of my own meals. Maybe just take a little break to give my wrist and mind a rest.

So besides my climb sequence, I've been working hard at Kabam on Dragons of Atlantis. I've been accumulating more responsibilities as an animator there which I've made it known that I want. So that's great. I had another personal demo reel deadline to hit on Friday night so that I could apply to help participate on Andreas Deja's Mushka which forced me to juggle my work hours around a bit this past week. I've also been tweaking my demo reel and website. I want something to show people I meet! I've never had a full personal website together even though I've been paying for a domain or two name since 2005. I feel pretty pleased with the results. I keep tweaking it! It's incredible how much time goes into editing a demo reel.

So other than that I've got business cards designed and printed. I haven't had a business card since 2005! I'm pretty sick of scribbling my name down on post its as a first impression. Here's a drawing I did to go on my business cards and the final result:

And here are some Halloween photos! I only got one blurry one of myself in the black and white outfit and I had my jacket around my waist the time... Oh and my black and white sunglasses are missing from this photo. I even painted my nails black and white. I made the jacket by sewing half of a black jacket to half of a white jacket. I spray painted one of my shoes black as well as half of my shirt and added black and white laces to my shoes. I'm going to have to see if I can get copies of photos taken by co-workers.
black n white
me at the academy of sciences on Halloween
looking through the crystal I got at the Academy of Sciences
the shoes I painted for Halloween

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