February 23, 2014

Exciting things to come...

Today I recorded my first ever podcast! I interviewed Pixar character designer Deanna Marsigliese. Deanna is going to be leaving shortly for a year to travel. She graciously took a bit of time out with me today to help me record an interview and a bit of promo material for a future Kickstarter. It just occured to me this past Friday that getting a Kickstarter together for my short film (Pickled) would be a great idea because it could allow me to raise money to hire some other animators to help me complete my film! A three minute short film is a lot of work for one busy person to complete after all. I've been trying to get it done in my spare time for awhile now.

So watch out for exciting new things from me in the future! First I've just got to finish up my iAnimate workshop and then a workshop with Animsquad. So, in July I'm going to have much more time to get back to my short! I may put together some animation and/or Toonboom Animate tutorials as well, we'll see.

Stay tooned!

February 10, 2014

Drawing Goal! To Draw 100 Hands

I've been taking a lot of 3D animation courses recently and at my day job I animate (for the most part) 2D digital puppets in Flash. Last night I lost track of time and stayed up to 1:30am working away on a 3D animation assignment! With all of this digital animation I'm doing I'm really missing drawing. I don't have time right now for life drawing sessions nor to work on my short film. On Saturday I felt like I was going to burst if I didn't just do a bit of sketching already! So I did. I started drawing my own hand holding a pen with the intention of doing a short and simple animation. I realised how relatively few hands I've actually drawn in my life. I want to memorize and understand human anatomy to become a better animator and sketching hands seems like an excellent starting point. So I've made the goal to understand the anatomy inside a human hand and draw 100 hands! It's such a perfect goal for me and I'll be able to fit it into my schedule by plugging away at it here and there.

Anyone want to join in on this artistic goal and share work in progress? It's a great goal for anyone. Even if you feel knowledgeable about drawing hands you could find a new style or interesting new hand poses. Or you could pick another subject, like feet or heads!

Drawings to come! For now, please enjoy these lovely hands drawn by Mohammad Almuti:

*Edit, This post was originally titled "Drawing Goal! To Draw 1000 Hands" but I've realised that 1000 hands isn't going to fit into my schedule in the next 5 months. Making goals that are reasonable and relative is important.

Take a Deep Breath...

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