July 8, 2014

I finished my Animsquad class!

Woo! After 12 weeks I've completed my Animsquad class! I learned that I have a lot to learn. Daniel Klug was my awesome amazing teacher. Here's his website where you can check out some of his great work.

As for the work I got done while taking this course, due to health reasons I wasn't able to spend as much time on my assignment as I would have liked so it still needs a good pass of polish before I share online.

As for future plans and goals, here are the ones I can think of for now:
-take a break and have some social life, do more exercising
-put Deanna Marsigliese interview online
-learn more French
-update blog more often
-polish 3D work I did for Animsquad and iAnimate

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