March 24, 2014

iAnimate workshop, only two weeks left...

For the past 12 weeks I've been taking an iAnimate workshop. I've got 2 weeks left to go. The focus is body mechanics. At this point I am much more comfortable animating in Maya. I'm far braver manipulating the graph editor. I find it difficult to get all the assignments to a satisfactory point of polish while also working a full time job. I'll get there, just not when the official deadline comes around. It's fun though and challenging. Like animation bootcamp. I would suggest this course to anyone looking to dig into a great 3D animation course.

It's actually pretty fantastic to learn how to animate with 3D because you can move the camera around and see exactly what is right and wrong with a shot. Tweaking the curves in the graph editor is an education. I still think learning with 2D hand drawn animation is absolutely very helpful, but it seems to me that practising your animation skills in both mediums is quite beneficial.

Here's a screenshot of my walk to run assignment in progress:

As soon as this course ends I'm going to hop into another animation course, this time with Animsquad. It looks like a great workshop. I signed up for the Intermediate course and I think the amount of work and level of intensity is going to be even higher than I'm experiencing with iAnimate. I'm scared and excited about that.

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