July 16, 2014

A new 2D Animation Software!

Animation Paper is a brand spankin' new 2D animation software that currently has an indiegogo campaign going on. The first release of the software will be for Mac with a Windows version to come later. It looks like a pretty sweet deal...
As stated on the indiegogo campaign page: "Enjoy drawing the rough blue lines over layers of red layouts, do keys and breakdowns, turn on your real time light table, quickly move drawings around, refine your x-sheet timing to perfection, clean up in smoothed black ink, zoomed in and rotated - and get the most beautiful hand drawn lines and expressive animation you can ever do. Feel your computer and tablet pen become a true extension of your creative self. Experience the freedom of animating without constraints. Animation Paper is going to be awesome!"

here’s the list of main features:
  • Super fast responsiveness – while drawing, while flipping, while everything
  • Quality lines – built on high speed, high resolution input from your tablet (like a Wacom)
  • Small to large format frames
  • Realtime smooth rotation and zooming of the view (and mirror) - controlled with gestures (pinch/rotate) or quick zoom function
  • Light table (onion skinning – advanced and customizable)
  • X-Sheet – easy, yet powerful timing and reuse (also scribbled notes and sound wave display)
  • Layers (each layer colored black, blue, red, green or custom)
  • Cutouts (easily reposition/rotate/scale drawings or parts of drawings)
  • Clean up (smoothed lines)
  • Paint (simple coloring with eyedropper and fill. May not be included in first release, but in free upgrade)
  • Many alternative ways of flipping (keys, wheel, springy return flip, etc)
  • Customizable Tool Bar and Quick Select (marking menu) for reaching favorite functions with a flick
  • Realtime full frame reference on 2nd monitor
  • Play scenes in sequence to check continuity
  • Import and export of video and frame-stacks (including alpha and X-Sheet timing data)
  • Native Mac OS X app (but also done natively for Windows, iPad and Android if stretch goals are reached)
Check out the campaign page:

July 10, 2014

Edge of Tomorrow

I saw Edge of Tomorrow on the big screen last night and it was AMAZING! I loved this movie! I thought the characters were fantastic, the whole premise was fresh and the film is super entertaining. Go see it while it's still in theaters! Check out this review.

July 8, 2014

I finished my Animsquad class!

Woo! After 12 weeks I've completed my Animsquad class! I learned that I have a lot to learn. Daniel Klug was my awesome amazing teacher. Here's his website where you can check out some of his great work.

As for the work I got done while taking this course, due to health reasons I wasn't able to spend as much time on my assignment as I would have liked so it still needs a good pass of polish before I share online.

As for future plans and goals, here are the ones I can think of for now:
-take a break and have some social life, do more exercising
-put Deanna Marsigliese interview online
-learn more French
-update blog more often
-polish 3D work I did for Animsquad and iAnimate

Take a Deep Breath...

Here is a small taste of a big scene I've been working on! It's been so addictive to work on this. I hate doing a bunch of work and ...